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From Rex Wang <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Prepare Geronimo 2.1.5 release?
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 07:45:29 GMT
[DISCUSS] Prepare Geronimo 2.1.5 release?

We've had 80 more important fixes since 2.1.4 release and should get
them out to our users.
So I think we can start a new release from 2.1 branch.
If no one volunteer, I would also like to be a release manager for
2.1.5 release.

Since branch 2.1.x does not have genesis 2.x parent, shall I still be
according to the old release process?

There are still a few jiras that we need to deal with before we can go
ahead with the release.
Please get them from the bottom of

And I just made some categories and recorded the status on the jiras
as follows, Any comments on this?

1. Informix tranql ra
(1) patch available, need verify
  GERONIMO-5055     Informix tranql XA 1.2 snapshot leads to weird
admin console
                          Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
(2) patch commintted to tranql trunk, need update geronimo pom to
reference 1.2-SNAPSHOT?
  GERONIMO-5044     Prepared Statement Cache to be made available in
Informix XA tranql RA
                Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
  GERONIMO-5043     Informix IFX_XASPEC property to be made available
to set through Administrative Console
       Unassigned     Ashish Jain
  GERONIMO-5039     Informix Lock Mode Wait property

                                Unassigned     Ashish Jain
(3) should be easy to update.
  GERONIMO-4929     Upgrade to latest tranql wrappers

                                  David Jencks     David Jencks

2. New feature and improvements
(1) patch available, need verify
  GERONIMO-5027     Redeploy option for farming

                                    Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
(2) No patch
  GERONIMO-5002     Attribute clusterName required in for geronoimo 2.1.5
                              Unassigned     Ashish Jain
(3) fixes has been in 2.2, won't fix this in 2.1?
  GERONIMO-4940     CLONE -Tomcat Clustering with WADI - JSESSIONID
with jvmRoute to support mod_jk routing (G. 2.1.5)
Gianny Damour     Gianny Damour

3. Bugs -------------------------------------------------------
(1) Patch available, need verify
  GERONIMO-4983     In debug mode Properties file login module reurns
loginsucceeded as true for non existent users and null password
Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
  GERONIMO-4896     Commands to a Secure JMX Connector require the SSL
keyStorePassword to be specified on command line              Ashish
Jain     Kevan Miller
  GERONIMO-4892     Farm Deployment Error if deploy more than one
                          Ashish Jain
(2) No patch
  GERONIMO-4959     Remote Deploy Broken on Jetty

                                Unassigned     Kevan Miller

3. Can be close or defer -------------------------------------------------------
(1) can not reproduce, will close
  GERONIMO-4718     Keystores portlet: Once unlocked for availability,
keystore can not be locked
                Unassigned     Vamsavardhana Reddy
(2) will defer to 2.1.6-SNAPSHOT if no updates
  GERONIMO-4932     Initial Japanese translation

                                       Kan Ogawa     Kan Ogawa
  GERONIMO-4688     hardcode port in plan.xml of plugin farming.

                              Shawn Jiang     Shawn Jiang
  GERONIMO-4624     Improve deployment plan documentation

                            Unassigned     Kevan Miller

Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT

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