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From David Jencks <>
Subject More options for dependency change checking
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 00:04:09 GMT
In the context of the speedy development of trunk, the dependency  
change mojo is turning out to be a pain to deal with.  To try to help  
with this I've added a couple more options and enabled setting them  
from the command line.  See GERONIMO-5149

warnOnDependencyChange (instead of fail)

logDependencyChanges (writes the added and removed to the log if non- 
empty, as well as saving to files)
– this should make seeing why remote builds fail easier when you can't  
get to the added/removed files

overwriteDependencies (overwrites the dependencies.xml source file if  
dependencies have changed.)
– this makes it easy to use svn diff to look at changes and to commit  
the changes right away if desired.

I'd like to suggest that our automated builds run with - 
DlogDependencyChanges=true and all but once a day with - 

The goal is to usually let people search the logs for what changed and  
to have one build a day that fails if there's been a dependency change.

The overwriteDependencies option should be helpful when you actually  
want to change the dependencies.  It will let you examine changes  
using svn diff.


david jencks
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