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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Tracking Geronimo 3.0 status.
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 18:48:51 GMT
I've heard a number of complaints from people working on Geronimo 3.0 
about the difficulty in keeping track of who is working on what items 
for the release.  David Blevins made an excellent suggestion a couple 
weeks ago that we use something like the system that OpenEJB is using to 
track everything via Jiras and use swizzle scripts to generate a wiki 
page to generate an at-a-glance summary of work status.  I've spent a 
bit of time over the last couple of weeks creating top-level task Jiras 
for the Geronimo 3.0 work and organizing the currently open 3.0 Jiras as 
subtasks under these items.  There is a major item for each of the Java 
EE 6 components that are required for a Java EE 6 compliant server, as 
well as a few major tasks for the OSGi work.  The summary page can be 
found here:

It will be updated once a week or so...more frequently if there appears 
to be a lot of Jira activity.

Additional information on 3.0 can be found at this wiki page, which 
organizes the work using the style used for the Geronimo 2.0 server 
release.  This is wiki page also contains more detailed information 
about the state of the components Geronimo is dependent on and the work 
needed to integrate these components into 3.0. \

There are steps that individual contributors can take to ensure this

1)  Try to create new Jiras as subtasks of one of the major tasks so 
that new work gets categorized appropriately.
2)  The major tasks were my best-guess first attempt at organizing 
this.  If you feel additional major categories are required, go ahead 
and create them.  New major tasks need to be added to the script for the 
summary page.  I'll volunteer to maintain that, so nudge me when new 
tasks are created in case I happen to miss it.
3)  I've tried to create links between the Geronimo tasks and Jiras in 
other projects where the dependencies are known.  It is a good idea to 
create new links if you open Jiras in other projects to help fix 
Geronimo problems.
4)  If you start working on a Jira item, please assign to yourself so 
that others know the item is being worked on.

I hope this proves useful.  I've already spotted some missing work areas 
by using this page.


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