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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Upgrading to jaxb 2.2 for Geronimo 3.0
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 15:35:30 GMT
The Geronimo jaxb usage is sort of in a strange place right now, and 
it's not clear how we should proceed with the upgrade to jaxb 2.2.  
Currently, the specs project has a 2.1 version of the specs, but the 2.2 
version has not been created yet.  As far as current usage goes:

In 2.2, the geronimo spec jar is used for the APIs and the Glassfish 
reference implementation is the impl (javax.bind.xml.jaxb-impl).

In 3.0, we're currently picking up both the impl and api bundles from 
the servicemix bundles collection, which means the RI versions of the 
classes are being used throughout.  Servicemix does not have a 2.2 set 
of bundles yet.

To upgrade to 2.2, should we

1)  Nudge servicemix to make a 2.2 version available and use that 
version for both the implementation and the api
2)  Only use the servicemix implementation in combination with a 
geronimo jaxb 2.2 spec jar.
3)  Create our own jaxb 2.2 bundle and use with the geronimo jaxb spec jar.

Past history would suggest we should be doing either 2) or 3).  Thoughts?


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