Hi, Forrest:
   There might be a bug there, for workaround it, please add segment below to the config.xml file :
   <gbean name="TomcatWebContainer">
            <attribute name="serviceName">Catalina</attribute>
        <gbean name="TomcatEngine">
            <attribute name="serviceName">Catalina</attribute>
        <gbean name="connectorWrapperGBeanStarter" load="false"/>
   After that, you could start up the server, but you could not edit those connectors created before the server starting, however, you are still able to add new connectors.
   Thanks for reporting this !

2010/1/5 Forrest Xia <forrestxm@gmail.com>

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 5:36 PM, Ivan <xhhsld@gmail.com> wrote:

2010/1/4 Forrest Xia <forrestxm@gmail.com>
I did a simple version change(change to 2.2:) to the app-per-port sample and make it packaged as a plugin, then try to install and start it in G 2.2.

It fails, I understand the failure on tomcat assembly is caused by the new server.xml support, but don't understand why it fails on Jetty assembly as well.

What I am trying is to update app-per-port sample to demo the new server.xml support feature(originated from http://old.nabble.com/Finishing-up-tomcat-server.xml-configuration-work...-ts24471974s134.html#a24471974).

My thought is to modify the server.xml directly to add an additional <Service> with different connectors and engine, so that the app-per-port samples can achieve the same result as before: war1 on a port, war2 on another port, both in the same server instance.

Unfortunately, it does not work on G 2.2 either. Cause TomcatServerGBean would throw IllegalStateException when more than one service defined in server.xml.

So far, my understanding to the server.xml support feature, which cannot do these things:
1. define multiple <Service>
2. define <context>
3. define jndi resources
4. define realms

 The item 2,3,4 are NOT supported, item 1 should be supported.

You can try to define two <Service> , and see what happens when starting the server. There will be an IllegalStateException thrown out. The code lays in TomcatServerGBean.java.

If multiple services are supposed to support, I will open a JIRA to track it. thanks!