Yes, I am also sure that it should be easy to make the mvn protocol handler to support the nested bundle function.  The reason for saying "not a standard bundle" is for the no-copying OSGI bundle deployment, I guess that it might be more difficult if the source file is a nested bundle file. However, it is just a guess ;-)

2010/1/4 David Jencks <>

On Jan 3, 2010, at 5:53 PM, Ivan wrote:

I will try the solution about dividing the ear as multiple bundles, the ear itself is one, all the modules it contains are the others, and it is possible to use require-bundle to connect the module bundle to the ear bundle.

I'd prefer to avoid require-bundle.  I was thinking of modifying the pax url handler so that we could continue to repackage the ear as we do now, but have the car file contain several bundles corresponding to the different modules inside.  We could perhaps imitate jar urls and append !<moduleName> to point to an "internal" bundle.  If we did this the car would still be a single artifact in maven but would supply all the bundles at once.

   Yes, require-bundle did not have a good reputation in the OSGI world, but in this scenario, I think we could use it to reduce the complexity.
   Keeping the same package way is a good choice, for currently, the repository directory is a really 'repository', Geronimo never loads any class from it, ^_^.  But if in that way, the file is not a standard bundle, and it only works for the special url handler.

Well, after the bundle gets extracted by the url handler it's a plain ordinary bundle.  The car-with bundles-inside is really just a delivery mechanism.  I'm pretty sure it would be easy to implement, but might not be a great idea long term.  It might be convenient until we find something better.  On the other hand it might get popular in other contexts.

I forgot to mention that the other approach that seems promising to me is to use the application bundle idea from the aries project.

david jencks

One thing I am thinking is that how to generate the exports for the ear bundle, maybe the deployer might need use something like asm to scan all the library files.

I think we should look into using BND for this.

   Yes, BND should help us.

david jencks