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From Gurkan Erdogdu <>
Subject Re: G3.0 Plan and Status
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 07:48:12 GMT
Hi Jack;

I would like to work with OpenWebBeans integration. Last time we discussed
integration, David Blevins created some modules for openwebbeans
integration. I am going to fill the blanks and see what other pieces are

Could I/you write my name to it?


Gurkan Erdogdu
OWB Chair

2010/1/22 Jack Cai <>

> Hi all,
> I had a discussion with Ivan, Shawn, Rex and Delos on all ongoing/TODO
> items and their status, and created a table here [1]. I hope this
> could be a starting point for us to put together the "picture" for
> G3.0. Note this is a very early version, and we must have missed or
> mis-interpreted something. Also, some areas are not detailed yet at
> all, e.g., documentation, sample, etc. So we urge everybody to take a
> look...
> The layout of the table is pretty straight forward. I tried to
> organize G3.0 release content into several categories, which consists
> of a number of components. Each component is further broken down into
> work items. The hope is that people can put their names to the work
> items that they are currently working on, describe the status (what's
> done, what's next, a brief estimation) and the dependencies. As a
> result, we can have a good overview of who's working on what and which
> parts need more love.
> All comments are welcome.
> -Jack
> [1]

Gurkan Erdogdu

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