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From David Jencks <>
Subject Extending gbean class loading capabilities to support extenders
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 18:50:39 GMT
There's been some back channel discussion about what might be needed  
to support stuff like osgi rfc 66 web bundles in geronimo.  One  
problem that appears with our current idea of setting up gbeans to  
"be" the web app is that for a WAB we can't modify the manifest to  
import the gbean classes.  Also, our current scheme makes the  
framework classes (jetty or tomcat implementation classes) visible to  
the app.

One possible solution is to add another GBeanData field which is a  
reference to the plugin that has the gbean's class.  Then the web (or  
other) deployer can add all its gbeans with this field set to the  
appropriate runtime plugin whose bundle can load the gbean class, and  
the web app bundle won't need to import the classes itself.

It looks pretty easy to modify GBeanData and GBeanInstance to do  
this.  It should be easy but time consuming to modify the module  
builders as well.

With this approach to gbeans, we might be able to support a web  
extender that, when given a WAB, checked for an existing config.ser- 
like file and if missing ran the geronimo module builder to create it.

I'll start looking into this..... comments would be extremely welcome.

david jencks

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