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From Jarek Gawor <>
Subject rfc66 update
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2010 02:55:48 GMT
Hi all,

Today I checked in an initial version of the rfc66 extender that can
actually deploy WABs with simple servlets and jsps. There is still
much work to be done (for example updating the Jasper module builder
to work with Bundles) but simple stuff seems to be working. In fact
with David's recent JNDI (rfc142) integration work I was able to
deploy the Aries blog sample in Geronimo.

Here are the steps I took to run the sample:

1) Build latest blog sample in Aries
2) Build latest Geronimo trunk
3) cd plugins/wab/web-tomcat-server/target/assembly (or
web-jetty-server if you prefer)
4) Create database for blog sample using blogDB.sql from blog sample:

java -cp repository/org/apache/geronimo/bundles/derby-all/

5) Move created blogDB directory to

6) Start server:

./bin/geronimo -l

7) Install and start all the blog sample bundles (blog-api-1.0.0.jar,
blog-persistence-1.0.0.jar, blog-1.0.0.jar, blog-servlet-1.0.0.jar)
using the karaf console.

8) Once you start the blog-servlet-1.0.0.jar bundle, the WAB will be
deployed and you should be able to access http://localhost:8080/blog.
And if everything is running right you should be able to add new blog
entries, etc.


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