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From Jack Cai <>
Subject G3.0 Plan and Status
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 07:07:26 GMT
Hi all,

I had a discussion with Ivan, Shawn, Rex and Delos on all ongoing/TODO
items and their status, and created a table here [1]. I hope this
could be a starting point for us to put together the "picture" for
G3.0. Note this is a very early version, and we must have missed or
mis-interpreted something. Also, some areas are not detailed yet at
all, e.g., documentation, sample, etc. So we urge everybody to take a

The layout of the table is pretty straight forward. I tried to
organize G3.0 release content into several categories, which consists
of a number of components. Each component is further broken down into
work items. The hope is that people can put their names to the work
items that they are currently working on, describe the status (what's
done, what's next, a brief estimation) and the dependencies. As a
result, we can have a good overview of who's working on what and which
parts need more love.

All comments are welcome.



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