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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: about daytrader-web-jpa
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 20:50:21 GMT
Forrest Xia wrote:
> After some tries, finally I made daytrader-web-jpa works, see jira 
> Joe, your version of TradeJPADirect has a small bug in completeOrder 
> method, see the patch code, I think it could be back port to the 
> blueprint one :-)

Thanks Forrest.  I think the line that you removed from createHolding 
was not in my sandbox version - so I think we're ok.  I assume that is 
the change you intended since I didn't see any change in completeOrder. 
  Please let me know if I'm missing something.


> Donald, in the web jpa assembly pom, there are some dependencies are of 
> provided scope, I think if we need to make them packaged into the war 
> directly, so that user can easily install the war into Tomcat without 
> any advanced libraries installation. Does it make sense to make the 
> assembly ease of use?
> However, in my tries, I ever want to use application managed persistence 
> context with JTA underlying on geronimo javaee assembly, but failed 
> always. So I want to ask a question: Can user use application-managed 
> persistence context with JTA underlying in a non-container managed 
> object? for example, in a POJO class? Seems to me, the answer is NO.
> As to whether or not work if using app-managed PC with JTA underlying in 
> a container-managed object, for example, stateless session bean, 
> servlet, etc.
> I will find time later to verify. However, if anyone has similar 
> experience, pls kindly let me know.
> Forrest

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