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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: about daytrader-web-jpa
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 02:49:43 GMT
I would rather not include the missing depends, as we want to allow
users to use the web-jpa WAR with other providers besides the one we
ship in Geronimo (like running with Hibernate or Eclipselink for runtime
behavior comparisons.....)

We should include in the README that the user or app server container
has to provide the required jars, which each vendor (like OpenJPA or
Hibernate) should mention already.


On 1/22/10 11:45 AM, Forrest Xia wrote:
> After some tries, finally I made daytrader-web-jpa works, see jira
> Joe, your version of TradeJPADirect has a small bug in completeOrder
> method, see the patch code, I think it could be back port to the
> blueprint one :-)
> Donald, in the web jpa assembly pom, there are some dependencies are of
> provided scope, I think if we need to make them packaged into the war
> directly, so that user can easily install the war into Tomcat without
> any advanced libraries installation. Does it make sense to make the
> assembly ease of use?
> However, in my tries, I ever want to use application managed persistence
> context with JTA underlying on geronimo javaee assembly, but failed
> always. So I want to ask a question: Can user use application-managed
> persistence context with JTA underlying in a non-container managed
> object? for example, in a POJO class? Seems to me, the answer is NO.
> As to whether or not work if using app-managed PC with JTA underlying in
> a container-managed object, for example, stateless session bean,
> servlet, etc.
> I will find time later to verify. However, if anyone has similar
> experience, pls kindly let me know.
> Forrest

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