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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject OpenJPA2 build breakage in trunk
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 18:14:44 GMT
There's a nasty build breakage in trunk caused by switching to the 
latest jpa 2.0 spec jar from the one used for the OpenJPA milestone 
release.  This change requires some code changes to the Geronimo code 
because some methods were removed and some classes were moved to 
different package locations.  I've got the code compiling cleanly with 
the new spec jar, but that just moved things on to another problem.

The next problem to arise came from the mismatch between the OpenJPA 
2.0.0-M3 release and this spec jar.  The M3 OpenJPA code still had 
references to classes in the old package locations, so we ended up with 
ClassNotFoundExceptions while trying to build.  Ok, this should be a 
simple just requires changing the OpenJPA version to the 
2.0.0-SNAPSHOT level.  And here is where things start to get nasty.  The 
current trunk code for OpenJPA no longer builds the OpenJPA jars as 
bundles.  This issue was already noticed by the Aries folks and a Jira 
was opened on it:

Donald fixed this today, but it does not appear that he's pushed new 
snapshots to the repo yet, so I haven't been able to test against the 
new jars.  I did make an attempt at creating a geronimo bundle from 
these jars, but ran into some resource loading issues between the 
openjpa jar and the openjpa-persistence-jdbc jars that I was never able 
to work out.  I tried building openjpa locally, but ran into a couple of 
dependency issues I haven't had the chance to chase down.

So, the build is sort of broken in its current state.  The Geronimo code 
won't compile against the current spec jar without changes and the 
openjpa2 plugin can't build with the current openjpa snapshot because of 
the missing bundle information.  Should I

1)  back off the spec change
2)  check in the changes to fix the compile errors and use the new 
openjpa snapshot and wait for the new snapshot of openjpa to show up


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