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From Juergen Weber <>
Subject Re: OSGi features on Admin Console
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2010 13:48:48 GMT


people who'd use Geronimo as a JEE application server (the vast majority, as
I see it) might not want to be bothered by OSGI dialogues. 
So, I'd vote for 
3. hide all OSGI features from the console until the user explicitely wants
to see them by
[x] show OSGI features


RunHua Chi wrote:
> Hi all,
> With the progress of OSGi implementation for G3.0, I think we can start
> thinking about which features we will provide to users via Admin Console.
> IMHO, there would be 2 options to present the new features:
>    1.  Use an independent section for OSGi part and keep Java EE parts as
> is.
>    2.  Integrate OSGi features into existing portlets
> If we choose option 1, I can think of following new portlets to be
> appended
> to the navigation item(might be more, you are welcome to append the list):
>      1.a.  OSGi  Framework information;
>      1.b.  Bundle management, which is only used to install/uninstall
> bundles;
>      1.c.  Blueprint management, which Rex and Delos are working on, but
> resides in Debug Views section temporarily.
>      1.c.  OBR management, which is used to Add/Browse repositories and
> install bundles from repos.
> Other than the portlets above, there are 2 more features: User Admin and
> Log
> Service, which can be integrated with existing portlets like Security&Log
> viewers.
> I can see a lot of overlaps between Java EE and OSGi related portlets, it
> would be nice to have them consolidated as one, for exampleï¼›
>         Bundle management   v.s  Deploy New
>         OBR management    v.s   Install Plugins from repositories
>        OSGi Framework info  v.s  Java System Info
> But thinking of the resource available, I'd like to suggest we choose
> option
> 1 for G3.0 console.
> Any comments?
> Jeff C

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