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From Rex Wang <>
Subject Progress for Blueprint MBeans
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 07:33:47 GMT
Dear All,

We have finished most of the implementation work for the Blueprint MBeans. I
just checked in the codes in my sandbox in Geronimo svn. If you are
interesting about it, you can get it from:
We really expect any comments from your guys:-), and if possible, we would
like to contribute the whole jobs to Aries project because it is fairly a
native place to host such MBeans.

Underneath this folder, you can see 5 subprojects, they are:
*# org.apache.geronimo.blueprint.jmx*
This is the API definition of the Blueprint MBeans.
*# org.apache.geronimo.blueprint.jmx.impl*
This is the Blueprint MBeans' reference implementation.
*# org.apache.geronimo.blueprint.jmx.test*
This is the test for Blueprint MBeans, where I wrote a small framework for
easily writing the test-cases and make validation.
*# org.apache.geronimo.blueprint.jmx.agent*
This is a simple agent help register a MBean server as a service in the OSGi
framework, you might want this when play with the impl.
*# org.apache.geronimo.blueprint.jmx.demo*
This is a simple demo to run with the impl.

We try our best to keep the API design and code style consistent with OSGi
RFC-139. There alreadly are some discussions before in both mailing list,
you can refer:

In the end, there is a sample pic using the blueprint MBeans to track the
blueprint bundles in Geronimo 3.0:

Particularly thanks Siqi and also thanks Jarek Gawor for his great help!

Any comments is welcome!


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