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From Shawn Jiang <>
Subject [Discussion]Redesign of navigation system of geronimo Web console.
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 01:47:44 GMT
I redesigned the navigation system of geronimo Web console because we need
to re-org the navigation tree to improve the usability.  I uploaded a patch
with JIRA: **, in the

1, Use number-number-number format in the portal page title to define the
menu sequence. For example:

*Welcome *(defined as 0/Welcome in plan.xml)
  -----*JMS Server*(defined as 1-8/Server/JMS Server in plan.xml)

2, Use DOJO Tree as the navigation menu tree.

3, The navigation tree is separated from the portlets content. No tree and
banner download are needed when clicking a portal page.

4, Quick launch box, just type menu item name in the box and press enter to
quick launch a function.

When the UI design above are accepted. I'll followup the path to complete
Non Functional Requirements:
 1, G11N
2, Selenuim Testsuite update.
3, Finalize the menu items position because the current sequence in the
patch is for demo only.
4, The patch is based on Tomcat G server in 22 branch. I will port it to
jetty as well as other branches after this UI design is accepted.

Any comments will be appreciated,


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