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From han hongfang <>
Subject Re:[Discussion] The organization of derby related modules
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 09:39:43 GMT
Just noticed that the previous statement is not so clear.

derby can not find the class DerbyUserAuthenticator in geronimo-derby,
because geronimo-derby.jar is loaded by system-database, and derby related
jars are loaded by derby, meanwhile system-database declares dependency on
derby, which makes derby is the parent classloader of system-database.

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From: han hongfang <>
Date: Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 12:27 AM
Subject: The organization of derby related modules

Hi all,

I'm working on and To enable derby user
authentication using user-defined class, I write a new class
and put it into plugins\system-database\geronimo-derby project.

I encountered ClassNotFoundException when I first ran it, because Derby uses
Class.forName() to load the user-defined class DerbyUserAuthenticator, and
meanwhile geronimo-derby depends on org.apache.geronimo.configs.derby.

I'm wondering why geronimo-derby is served as a module of system-database,
rather than organizing it together with plugins\derby as just what Geronimo
does for plugins\mejb and plugins\axis2 etc, and then making
org.apache.geronimo.configs.derby depend on geronimo-derby.

Does someone have history information to share?

BTW, I work on server branch 2.1

Best regards,

Han Hong Fang

Best regards,

Han Hong Fang

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