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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: Some spec API changes while compiling Tomcat 7 with Geronimo Servlet/JSP API
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 14:27:21 GMT
Ivan wrote:
> Hi,
>     While compiling Tomcat 7 with our own Servlet/JSP API, there are 
> some errors about method signature changes. So far, I have no access 
> to the new specs, if anyone could, please help to check it.
>     javax.servlet.jsp.elExpressionEvaluator
>     1. The parameter expectedType in all the methods are changed to 
> generic type Class<?>
>     2. javax.servlet.ServletContext
>         Map<String, ServletRegistration> getServletRegistrations() -> 
> Map<String, ? extends ServletRegistration> getServletRegistrations();
>         Map<String, FilterRegistration > getFilterRegistrations(); -> 
> Map<String, ? extends FilterRegistration> getFilterRegistrations();
>        void setSessionTrackingModes(Set<SessionTrackingMode> 
> sessionTrackingModes); -> void 
> setSessionTrackingModes(EnumSet<SessionTrackingMode> 
> sessionTrackingModes);
>   Thanks !
> -- 
> Ivan
I'm having problems building 3.0 with the recent changes made to trunk 
to use the tomcat 7 version.  The big issue is the missing   
org.apache.geronimo.ext.tomcat:jasper:jar: version, but 
I assume it applies to all of the tomcat components.  I managed to track 
down the tomcat code in the sandbox, and once I updated to the in the pom, I ran into this compilation problem.  
This leaves me with a broken build at this point.  How did you generate 
a snapshot version so that the Geronimo trunk would compile?  Is it as 
simple as a missed commit on your sandbox code?


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