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From Ivan <>
Subject About deploying web applications to Tomcat 7.0
Date Mon, 28 Dec 2009 14:51:14 GMT
    With the latest welcome-tomcat-server assembly, I could run the
pre-shipped welcome plugins, and everything seems well, with pre-compiled
and non-pre-compiled jsps.
    Later, I tried to deploy a simple web application via deploy command, it
failed as expected ;-)
    The current problem I think we need to solve first is that we should
have a decision about how to store the package in the repository. From the
usual work style in OSGI, it is better to keep a packed file there. About
the inplace way, so far I could not see any way to deploy a folder to the
OSGI runtime. Currently, all the copying work is done by the implementations
of ResourceContext, each modulebuilder would be resposible for copying the
module files to the folder in the repository. An intuitive way is to provide
a new implementation for the ResourceContext, it would support to update the
packed file.
    Any comment before I try it ? I did not go through all the deployment
codes, something might be missed. ^_^

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