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From David Jencks <>
Subject Fun with ears and osgi
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 01:26:22 GMT
Working on the admin console I've run into the problem that ears most  
naturally translate into more than one osgi bundle -- at least one  
bundle for each web module, maybe one per module.

Right now the deployment system is putting the wars inside the car  
file, just like in 2.2, but as bundles.  It looks like we are  
generating sort of reasonable metadata for the embedded bundles but  
there is certainly no way to access them.

I can think of several approaches here:

1. For now at least, just have one bundle per ear.  This is probably  
just a couple lines to change and should work for all reasonable apps.

2. modify the pax mvn url handler so it can deal with bundles hidden  
inside bundles.  This has the advantage that an ear is still a single  
artifact but is otherwise slightly weird.

3. modify geronimo to package the wars as entirely separate bundles  
from the main ear.  Maybe we can use the war module name as the  

In the interests of getting something working quickly I will probably  
try (1) first.  I'm intrigued by (2) but would certainly appreciate  
some discussion before I spend much time on either (2) or (3)..... and  
maybe someone has an even better idea.

I assume there is a similar problem for app clients....

david jencks

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