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On Nov 5, 2009, at 7:40 PM, Shawn Jiang wrote:

Currently, here are different opinions on how G3.0 shell should go:

1, Remove gshell completely, migrate all existing commands to karaf console.
     Pros:  Minimize the server size.  Bring a clean, easy to use command program model.

I'm not sure it's significantly different from gshell
"minimize" here is relative with the second option.   I did some investigation.  IMO,writing new karaf command is easier than writing new commands with current geronimo shell.
     Cons: Break users existing shell.
How?  If we give the commands the same name we can provide a unix shell script called gsh and any gshell scripts should still work....

I don't know how to use unix shell to pass parameters to karaf shell to execute tasks for now. I'll do more research on this to figure it out.

2, Keep gshell as it was, add a gshell-karaf bridge to call karaf commands in gshell.
     Pros:  Enlarge the server size. Bring a more complex command infrastructure.
     Cons: Without breaking users existing shell.

Does anyone have another thoughts on this ?  Maybe we need a vote for this someday.

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 11:40 AM, Shawn Jiang <genspring@gmail.com> wrote:
Now we are using karaf as OSGI runtime. Karaf has its own shell which is based on RFC 139 command service.  Karaf shell uses blueprint and a set of util abstract classes to provide a easy to use program model  for new commands.

Geronimo 2.x has its own shell which
       • bases on gshell
       • uses groovy to define commands.(I don't kown why but I don't like this)
       • uses classworld to bootstrap itself

these don't seem important to me
       • uses a serverProxy to provide geronimo server startup/stop commands.

       • uses JMX to invoke jsr88 implementation to provide applications deploy/undeploy/distribution commands.
       • uses JMX to get plugin installer GBean instance to provide plugin install and customized assemblely commands.

I think any replacement will do these the same way

yes, I just listed them here for references.

I found that all the gshell bootstrap files in geronimo_home/etc has been removed in geronimo 3.0 framework.   Is there any plan  to migrate existing geronimo shell commands from gshell to karaf shell in geronimo 3.0 ?

I figured we'd do it sooner or later....

Thanks, maybe that's why you added shell-base project to provide basic util classes with karaf command.
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