No matter what technology we might  choose to implement console.  #1,2,3 metioned by Jeff are doable without large effort, and could bring a considerable improvement on the usability of current console. I even think we can get these done in G2.2.X but not only for G3.0.

I suggest to open a JIRA to track the console usability issue while keeping the console tech choosing discussion onoging.

Comments ?

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 12:25 AM, Donald Woods <> wrote:
I'd like to have the discussion of "Do we use the Felix Admin Console vs. Pluto" first....

Personally, I think we need to focus on getting a Little-G minimal equivalent working on trunk first (which doesn't include any Admin Console) before we worry with all of the Console based plugins.


chi runhua wrote:
Hi all,
Long time ago there was a discussion[1] on whether we could re-org admin console to improve user experiences for 2.2, which was cancelled for some reason, since we are now in the begining of big change of Geronimo architecture, I think it's a good opportunity that we bring this up and also for the coming 3.0 release.


Here are couples of thoughts in my mind to improve the console:
1. re-constructure the navigation tree to make it collapsible, the tree level should be less than 3;
2. re-orginize the avaliable tree items into new groups, for this one I'd like to vote +1 for what Jack had proposed in the previous thread;
 + Servers
 + Application Server
  - Geronimo Kernel (put Information, Java System Info, Thread Pool and Shutdown portlets in the same page here)
  - Web Server
  - JMS Server
  - EJB Server
  - DB server
  - Repository
  - New server assembly
+ Applications
 - Deploy New (Suggest to merge in the plan creator, so that users can either choose to use an existing plan file, or create a new one using the wizard)
 - User applications (merge WAR, EAR and Client, maybe bundles in the 3.0?)
 - Server plugins
+ Resources
 - DB pools
 - JMS resources
 - JEE Connectors
 - Jar Aliases
+ Security
 - Users and Groups
 - Keystores
 - Certificate Authority
 - Security Realms
+ Monitoring and Troubleshotting
 - Monitoring
 - Logs
 - Debug Views
 3. re-construct the available portlets to improve embedded assistance information, for example, show breadcrum when user is working on a task; reduce in-line text on the current UI, and use hover-help or pop-up help page only when necessary etc...
4. for the long list on the current UI such as system modules, only show the most frequently used ones, use locate/find to display more....

Any comments?

Jeff C