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From Shawn Jiang <>
Subject A wierd problem when deploying applications to Geronimo on Lotus Foundation
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2009 09:29:10 GMT
Lotus Foundation(LF) is a customized linux OS.  We met a wierd problem when
deploying applications to a running Geronimo on LF.

The deploy process is not successful and never return.   I remote debug to
it and found that it's caused by some native code execution when doing the
JLine UnixTerminal init.   Seems LF does not support some native code used
in UnixTerminal.

To resolve this problem,  We have to set a system property in JAVA_OPTS


to force the JLine use UnsupportedTerminal instead of UnixTerminal.  I'm
sending this mail to log it in case someone else might meet similar problems
on other platforms,


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