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From Delos <>
Subject Mbeans for Web extender defined in OSGI RFC 66
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 18:15:56 GMT
Dear all,

Similar to the mbean interface designed by Rex, I gave  a mbean interface
for the Web extender defined in OSGI RFC 66.
Although the implementation of RFC 66 for Geronimo hasn't started, it's
better for us to bring it out earlier.
You may find it at

 The Mbean will be used to monitor Web extender in OSGI framework. The
extender is implemented per the OSGI document RFC 66 "OSGI and Web
Applications". In general, extender will

   1. adapt Web containers to OSGI framework
   2. convert a WAR into WAB with an URLHandler
   3. monitor the status of an deployed WAB by predefined events

The purpose of this mbean is to monitor information of extender, which is
derived from the document. It doesn't contains information dedicated for Web
container and OSGI bundle, such as servlet list or bundle dependencies.
Here are two reasons for excluding these information

   1. existence of a large number of mbeans in normal Web container, such as
   Tomcat and Jetty, so the mbean just focus on extender itself without taking
   information of Web container into account.
   2. in RFC 139, several mbeans are defined to monitor various information
   of a normal OSGI bundle, so it's unnecessary to define the information for
   an OSGI bundle here.

To keep pace with definition in RFC 139 and blueprint Mbeans defined by Rex,
the interface also makes use of Item class and various OpenType.  So you
have to add *org.osgi.jmx-1.0.jar* to the build path.

*org.osgi.jmx-1.0.jar *can be found at

Since the work for RFC 66 just started, any comments will be appreciated!

Thanks all!

Best Regards,


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