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From chi runhua <>
Subject Re-categorize the items in navigation pane for G2.2
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2009 04:25:19 GMT
Hi devs,

With the help of Shawn, we realized it's pretty easy to re-categorize the
items in navigation pane because of flexible architecture of Geronimo plugin
system. Just wonder if we could include the updates to the coming G2.2
release as a transitional stage of Console improvement task in G3.0. Here is
how I did it.

 Locate all the AdminConsoleExtensionGBean in plan.xml of each portlet and
change the pageTitle attribute. For example,
         <gbean name="JMSServerManager"
           <attribute name="pageTitle">Server/JMS Server</attribute>
         <gbean name="JMSServerManager"
           <attribute name="pageTitle">Application Server/JMS

 The new category is nearly identical with the proposal in I've built the server
assembly locally and looks everything just works fine.

If you think it's acceptable, I'll open a new JIRA and submit the patches
for 2.2 branch&trunk later.

Any comments?

Jeff C

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