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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: Strange dependency problem building jaxws
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 15:45:04 GMT
David Jencks wrote:
> On Nov 10, 2009, at 9:57 AM, Rick McGuire wrote:
>> David Jencks wrote:
>>> On Nov 10, 2009, at 7:59 AM, Rick McGuire wrote:
>>>> There are two subprojects in the jaxws plugin that I'm having 
>>>> trouble building, and I can't figure out why.  The cause of the 
>>>> failure is a resolution failure trying to resolve the javax.jws 
>>>> package, version 2.0.  These classes are contained in the 
>>>> geronimo-ws-metadata specs bundle, and should be there.  Running 
>>>> the build with the -X option does not show any sign that this 
>>>> bundle is getting installed and started before the error.  I've 
>>>> tried adding this as dependency in every pom I could think of to 
>>>> force this to be loaded first and nothing appears to have made a 
>>>> difference.  That bundle just doesn't seem to get loaded.  The 
>>>> manifests look good in all cases, but it just doesn't appear to load.
>>>> I also tried specifying a version in the karaf on 
>>>> the javax.jws packages, but that didn't make any difference 
>>>> either.  There's obviously something going wrong with how the 
>>>> dependencies are processed here, but I can't seem to spot what's 
>>>> messing up.  Everything looks like what I'd expect to see when I 
>>>> use dependency:tree.
>>>> For now, I've just commented these two items out so they won't 
>>>> build, but this is going to need to be solved eventually.
>>> I suspect these classes are also in the jvm.  Maybe the situation is 
>>> similar to the one for javax.transaction where some classes come 
>>> from the jvm and some from the spec jar?  The mysterious fix for 
>>> that seems to be, in etc/ from 
>>> framework/config/karaf-framework/src/main/resources/filtered-resources/etc/

>>> org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=sun.*,com.sun.*,javax.transaction,javax.transaction.*

Ok, I've think I've tracked this problem back to its root cause and 
fixed it now.  I'm able to build with this fix and with the changes to 
the geronimo-gbean-deployer backed off.

The issue here was how the framework system classes were getting defined 
and how the build/runtime was providing access to spec class that are 
JRE resident.  With my original problem, the issue was showing up with 
the javax.jws packages, but this would be an issue with any of our spec 
jars.  Here's how some of these issues showed up:

1)  During the build, any configuration or bundle that had a dependency 
on the javax.jws classes was getting built using the 
geronimo-ws-metadata spec jar.  This resulted in these bundles having an 
import dependency against the version 2.0 of the javax.jws packages.

2)  When building the configuration using the car plugin, the provided 
scope on the geronimo-gbean-deployer was preventing the 
geronimo-ws-metadata bundle from getting installed.  This caused a 
resolution failure because there was no javax.jms package available with 
a version >= 2.0. 

3)  Removing the provided scope from the geronimo-gbean-deployer allowed 
the geronimo-ws-metadata bundle to be installed, but this had the side 
effect of having two versions of the javax.jws packages visible in the 
framework.  One at the 2.0 level (the geronimo-ws-metadata one) and a 
second at the 0.0.0 level (the one from the jre).  In some complex 
environments, this resulted in bundle constraint violations because the 
uses relationships required visibility to both versions of these packages. 

The solution was to explicitly specify the framework exported versions 
of these packages so that they match the version level we specify in the 
geronimo spec bundles.  This allows bundles dependent upon specific 
versions of these packages to use the framework version without 
requiring the geronimo bundle to be installed and if the geronimo 
version does end up getting installed, bundles will still be wired to 
just a single source for these package files. 

This correction needed to be made in both the car plugin and the karaf files.


>>> and
>>> javax.transaction; javax.transaction.xa; partial=true; 
>>> mandatory:=partial, \
>> I did that experiment already, and that didn't work either.  The root 
>> of the problem appears to be the explicit request for the 2.0 
>> version.  That is available in the geronimo-ws-metadata bundle, but 
>> there's no sign in any of the Felix debug output to indicate that 
>> this is getting loaded.
>> I'm now stuck on a similar situation with geronimo-service-builder.  
>> I'm getting a constraint loading error on geronimo-service-builder 
>> because it can't find the org.apache.geronimo.xbeans.j2ee package.  
>> That's in the geronimo-schema-jee_5.1.2 bundle, but again, I'm not 
>> seeing that bundle loaded before the geronimo-service-builder bundle, 
>> so the geronimo-service-builder can't be resolved.  It's really 
>> looking like there's an ordering problem in the dependency manager 
>> that's resulting in bundles not getting installed before the bundles 
>> that depend on them.
> I don't have time to look into it right now.... I thought I made the 
> dep-manager install all the bundles then run through and try to  start 
> them to avoid this problem.  I expected that if we got a jar into the 
> dependencies list it would then be installed and known to felix before 
> we actually needed any of its classes.  Not sure if this makes sense 
> or if I got the code in to actually do this...
> david jencks
>> Rick
>>> Might be worth experimenting with anyway.
>>> david jencks
>>>> Rick

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