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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: ee apps in trunk
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 02:01:57 GMT
For a EJB/WAR, I could see what Bundle-ClassPath contains. But for an EAR
package, what does it contain, all the jar files in the libraries, ejb jars
and web related classes ? I am just thinking what the classloader structure
of an EE application, especially for an EAR application. In the classic
environment, for an EAR contains libraries and webapplications, we usually
create a parent classloader for the EAR, and create a classloader for WAR
package.  Then, in the OSGI environment, how should it be ?
If only a bundle classloader is created and the bundle-classpath contains
all the embedded jar files/classes, will it break the EE rules ? How about
dividing the ear package into more than one bundle ?
Thanks !

2009/11/21 David Jencks <>

> I've played with the welcome app servers a bit and found that the next
> significant problem is that we aren't setting the Bundle-ClassPath manifest
> header in our car bundles.  This shouldn't be an obstacle for ejb jars, but
> is for anything else.
> My plan is to solve this as part of GERONIMO-4911<>
>  by storing all the manifest info in the ConfigurationData.  Perhaps this
> can replace some of the info in the environment field, although that is also
> used to figure out which plugins need to be started before the current one.
> comments welcome...
> thanks
> david jencks


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