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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Is there any plan to migrate existing geronimo shell commands from gshell to karaf shell in geronimo 3.0 ?
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 06:15:47 GMT

On Nov 4, 2009, at 8:22 AM, Donald Woods wrote:

> We could also mention that GShell is deprecated (or some better  
> disclaimer/wording) in the 2.2 Release Notes, since it hasn't been  
> released yet.....

It isn't?  It's not a snapshot release.  I certainly consider it the  
only reasonable way to start/use 2.2.

david jencks

> I'd rather use the GShell offspring in Karaf than bolt yet another  
> set of warts onto the 3.0 server.  Also, we need to keep one of the  
> original goals of minimize server install and runtime footprint in  
> mind, which having 2 shell environments wouldn't....
> -Donald
> Rick McGuire wrote:
>> Shawn Jiang wrote:
>>> Now we are using karaf as OSGI runtime. Karaf has its own shell  
>>> which is based on RFC 139 command service.  Karaf shell uses  
>>> blueprint and a set of util abstract classes to provide a easy to  
>>> use program model  for new commands.
>>> Geronimo 2.x has its own shell which
>>>    * bases on gshell
>>>    * uses groovy to define commands.(I don't kown why but I don't
>>>      like this)
>>>    * uses classworld to bootstrap itself
>>>    * uses a serverProxy to provide geronimo server startup/stop  
>>> commands.
>>>    * uses JMX to invoke jsr88 implementation to provide applications
>>>      deploy/undeploy/distribution commands.
>>>    * uses JMX to get plugin installer GBean instance to provide
>>>      plugin install and customized assemblely commands.
>>> I found that all the gshell bootstrap files in geronimo_home/etc  
>>> has been removed in geronimo 3.0 framework.   Is there any plan   
>>> to migrate existing geronimo shell commands from gshell to karaf  
>>> shell in geronimo 3.0 ?
>> I don't believe there's any plan to migrate away from gshell to  
>> using the karaf shell (at least yet).  I'm a little concerned about  
>> breaking any custom commands/scripts that may have been written for  
>> prior Geronimo releases, so there's a bit of a balancing act  
>> involved here.  I suspect we might want to explore keeping the  
>> existing geronimo shell, but see if it is possible for it to invoke  
>> commands built using the Karaf infrastructure.  This would allow us  
>> to reuse existing Karaf commands and allow new commands to be  
>> written using the Karaf programming model.
>> Rick
>>> -- 
>>> Shawn

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