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From Juergen Weber <>
Subject Re: Performance Report for Geronimo 2.2?
Date Thu, 26 Nov 2009 10:26:39 GMT

This summer I ran daytrader with the Ginder load test tool on several
application servers. Especially with the Two-Phase commit asynchronous
scenario there were big performance differences, I think Geronimo's
transaction throughput was a mere third of Weblogic 10.3's (same hardware).

IBM says similar of Websphere and JBoss: see slide 27 of

I  recorded a scenario where a trader would log on, buy some shares, sell
them again and log out. Problem with Daytrader is that you cannot blindly
assume that you can sell shares with constant http parameters, you cannot
make a call like sell?s=1&s=2 as the link IDs are not indexes on the screen
but database row ids. To change that one would have to keep a mapping from
DB id to screen ID in the users' sessions.
So, you need a load driver that can understand semantics.

If I find some time I'm going to write a Java client for Daytrader using
commons httpclient. This client could then be called from Grinder.


frapien wrote:
> Are there any plans to update the Performance Report for Geronimo 2.2?
> For Geronimo 2.0 there was an old DRAFT under
> IBM has writen a performance benchmark article for the DayTrader Apps
> comparing JBoss with Geronimo
> Thanks
> Frank

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