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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject RFC 66 and Geronimo
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 13:51:12 GMT
RFC 66 is an extender that recognizes that OSGi bundles that have a 
defined manifest header contain web applications and should be deployed 
to a web container.  The reference implementation uses an embedded web 
container, which is probably not an appropriate approach for Geronimo, 
since that would mean Geronimo would be serving up applications from two 
different web container instances.  Ideally, a Geronimo-specific version 
of this extender would have knowledge of the Geronimo configuration and 
be capable of deploying WABs (Web Application Bundles) to the single 
hosted container, and ideally would be capable of handling both Tomcat 
and Jetty containers as targets.

I started out with the approach of doing a bare-bones implementation 
that had nothing that was not required by the RFC 66 draft spec.  WABs 
are basically standalone web apps, with little or no integration with 
the server environment.  And specifically, there's no web services 
support layered on top of the WAB.  Starting with that assumption, I was 
able to retask the code TomcatWebAppContext class to build a context 
that should allow a WAB to be deployed to a Tomcat container.  The 
TomcatWebAppContext is the GBean that gets added to the module 
configuration by the TomcatModuleBuilder, and most of the items passed 
to the constructor had reasonable defaults I could dummy up.  This bit 
appears fairly manageable, and I'm sure something similar can be done 
for Jetty. 

However, there are a number of downsides to this approach.

1)  No Geronimo or tomcat-specific configuration is supported.
2)  No integration with Geronimo security
3)  No naming context is provided to the servlet environment.

None of these things are defined or required by RFC 66, but things like 
security annotation processing should be supported.

So the next step is to adapt some of the code from the 
TomcatModuleBuilder that processes web.xml, geronimo-web.xml, and 
geronimo-tomcat.xml and process these files when the context used to 
deploy the web application is constructed.  At this point, I started 
running into some mismatches in how Geronimo deployments are managed and 
how RFC 66 deployments need to be managed. 

A Geronimo deployment essentially gets converted into a plugin 
configuration by unpacking the jar file and creating a plugin 
configuration that is then subsequently started.  Since processing is 
done in two stages, files can be created/altered in the plugin tree 
statically, classes can be loaded, etc, all without impact to the 
runtime processing of the application.

For a  WAB deployment, the extender become involved after the bundle has 
been installed and started.  At this stage, there's no opportunity to 
modify the bundle contents.  Additionally, there is an RFC 66 
requirement that if the bundle uses lazy activation, the bundle should 
not get activated until the first request for a servlet instance occurs 
(i.e., no class loading requests until deployment). 

Going through the TomcatModuleBuilder code, I've found the following 
pain points:

1)  Creating the initial context naming context for the deployed 
application.  I'm not really sure what this should be.  A lot of that 
processing gets delegated to other naming builders, so it's been a bit 
difficult to unravel what's really going on here.

2)  Use of ClassFinder to process the security annotations.  The 
security configuration is processed by searching for security 
annocations on the classes referenced in web.xml.  This has the side 
effect of forcing classes to be loaded from the bundle, triggering the 
early activation. 

3)  What is the Holder used for and how is the instance generated?  This 
one has been a complete mystery so far, so if anybody can give an 
overview of what's going on with that class, it would be most useful.

4)  Some of the attributes that are set for the TomcatWebAppContext are 
abstract names created as childnames.  For a WAB deployment, these items 
need to be resolved and located at runtime, rather than configured as a 
GBean attribute.  Since I don't have a module naming context to work 
with at that time, I'm not sure I understand how to rework this.  See 
line 389 in TomcatModuleBuilder for an example of the type of query I'm 
talking about.  I think all I need here is an example for how to convert 
one of these into a runtime query to get me unblocked on this.


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