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From frapien <>
Subject Re: GERONIMO 2.2 ActiveMQ5 CAMEL2 integration
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 09:42:19 GMT

Ivan Xu wrote:

>> 1.) when setting a route in $GERONIMO_HOME\var\activemq\conf\activemq.xml
>>    <camelContext id="camel"
>> xmlns="">
>>        <route>
>>            <from uri="activemq:example.A"/>
>>            <to uri="activemq:example.B"/>
>>        </route>
>>    </camelContext>

>>    From the comment in the var/activemq/conf/activemq.xml, I think the
> schema of Camel in ActiveMQ 5.3 is "
no its old
When Camel went from an activemq subproject to a top level apache project,
they changed the URIs for their xml schemas to reflect this in Camel 2.0.
To fix this, in activemq.xml change all occurrences of: 

>> 2.) when using the ActiveMQ 3.0 Webconsole as described in

>   By default, Geronimo will start an ActiveMQ broker, and start a tcp
> connector which binds to 61616.
>   I am not sure what you mean "the Console is still using the ActiveMQ
> deault port 61616" ?
as in the config.xml it's true but on the console I see only ports
 Listening on Ports:
   1050 CORBA Naming Service
   1099 RMI Naming
   1527 Derby Connector
   2001 OpenEJB ORB Adapter
   4201 OpenEJB Daemon
   6882 OpenEJB ORB Adapter
   9999 JMX Remoting Connector
so where is the bind
Thanks for your help, Frank
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