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From Rex Wang <>
Subject Re: OSGI progress
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 09:48:08 GMT
2009/9/23 Quintin Beukes <>

> >>
> >>
> >>    What I mean is that, currently, Geronimo kernel is running in the
> >> environment, and all those GBeans are running in the kernel.  I would
> like
> >> to see that the OSGI is Geronimo kernel.  As you said in the comments
> below,
> >> we might not need a kernel at all :-)
> >>
> > Yes. I hope so.
> >
> I'm trying to follow what you guys are saying, because it sounds very
> interesting. I might be misunderstanding what the Geronimo Kernel is
> exactly. If I understand this correctly, ie. the kernel provides
> services, won't it make it difficult to then "replace" the kernel? If
> the kernel is a bundle, it can be uninstalled/reinstalled, and provide
> it's services? Similar to other OSGi environments, ex. Eclipse IDE.
> The OSGi environment loads the IDE core as a bundle. Eclipse IDE core
> isn't the OSGi. The actual "OSGi" in OSGi implementations is merely
> the engine for managing/loading/activating bundles and services, and
> if you keep to the spec should be nothing more than this?
> AFAIK, Eclipse only using OSGi framework to do the classloading, however
that is only one of the feature OSGi can provide. (Maybe there are some
improves in the new eclipse release.)
>From my point of view, ideally, Future Geronimo will be a bunch of extenders
of OSGi framework(such as web container extender, blueprint extender..).
Deploying a war is actually to deploy a web bundle into OSGi framework. If
we have enough extenders on our hand, which implement the whole Java EE
features, then we can claim that geronimo comply the Java EE spec.
However, currently, OSGi EEG is still busy on making RFCs and RIs, so there
is not enough parts to assemble a Java EE server for us. Then that might be
the stuffs we are working on, that is, we are try to build an
appliation(geronimo kernel) based on OSGi framework which can provide a
pipeline to the external world, such as openejb....
*Above is just my personal view*



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