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From David Jencks <>
Subject 2.2 progress
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2009 00:21:22 GMT
I think things are moving along for 2.2.

- our last internal dependency, the tomcat fork, seems to have passed  
its vote, although I'd prefer it if Kevan would take a look.

- ActiveMQ is pushing release candidates.  The first one showed no tck  
problems in geronimo.

- OpenEJB IIUC is pretty much ready to release.


Stuff to do:

- tranql has been getting some attention lately.  We should try to  
find a jdbc expert verify the list of non-fatal SQLCodes.  I would  
like to rearrange tranql svn, but otherwise I'm OK with the code for  
now.  After we verify stuff works I can release this.

- We have a pluto fix that I'm hoping we can duplicate in geronimo  
somehow.  IIRC we have a couple of pluto driver classes replaced in  
geronimo already, I hope we can do the same with this pluto fix.   
Pushing a pluto 1.x release could be difficult.

- We don't know yet whether the maven release plugin and apache- 
release profile will work with geronimo.

- review the jiras carefully.


I'm hopeful that we may be able to release 2.2 this week.  I'll ask  
again that if you are working on something you want to get in please  
reply to this message with a description and time estimate.

many thanks
david jencks

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