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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject Re: [VALIDATOR] Proposal for a JSR-303 Bean Validation Implementation
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 21:58:15 GMT
On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 10:39 PM, Mohammad Nour
El-Din<> wrote:
> I support either solution 1 or 2 from first section of solutions:
> 1- We will not be waiting for others till they decide whether donate
> the code or not.

RH donation will not happen - we could fork, the license is just fine for it.
But yeah, why forking a RI ? :-)

I like the incubator style a little bit better than the commons sandbox.

> 2- We will get more benefit for ASF as we may gain more committer to
> join the community and help grow it more.
> 3- For the non-committers contribution to the code, I think it is not
> a problem as it is the normal case for ASF projects, these
> contributions make us gain more committers in the future and hence
> more support for ASF.
> On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 5:37 PM, Donald Woods<> wrote:
>> Everyone, I think it is time again to reopen the discussions around creating
>> a Validator2 release [1], which implements the upcoming JSR-303 Bean
>> Validation spec [2] and [3].  Since JSR-303 is now a required component of
>> Java EE 6 application servers and must be supported by JSR-314 JSF2 and
>> JSR-317 JPA2, there is growing interest in the Apache Geronimo, Apache
>> OpenJPA, Apache MyFaces and Apache OpenEJB projects to grow and maintain a
>> JSR-303 implementation at Apache.
>> First, to meet this goal, I would like us to consider the following options:
>> I. - Commons Sandbox
>> Utilize the existing validator2 sandbox area [4] to collaborate on a JSR-303
>> implementation which would eventually become commons-validator-2.0.
>> Pros:  Existing Apache committers can be given access to the sandbox and
>> work with the Commons community to become committers.
>> Cons:  Non-committers must provide patches and build karma, even before the
>> project is moved out of the sandbox (we have interest from two companies to
>> help, but most of their potential contributors are not Apache committers.)
>> II. - Apache Incubator
>> Submit an incubator proposal to create a JSR-303 focused project, which
>> would be sponsored by the Commons PMC and/or Geronimo PMC with the goal
>> being that the candidate proposal would become a sub-project of Commons as
>> the new Validator R2 code base.
>> Pros:  Allows us to seed the initial project with non-committers and
>> demonstrate there is broad support for this project.
>> Cons:  Additional incubator proposal and graduation overhead, along with not
>> working closely with the whole Commons community on developing the new code
>> base.
>> Secondly, we have two existing JSR-303 implementations that we could
>> possibly use to help bootstrap this effort:
>> I. - Agimatec-Validation project on Google Code
>> Code uses ASL 2.0 and I have approached one of the Agimatec GmbH employees
>> about possibly donating the existing code to Apache.
>> II. - JSR-303 RI
>> Code being developed by Red Hat as the RI using ASL 2.0.  Kevin Sutter from
>> the OpenJPA team has approached Emmanuel at Red Hat on this subject, but it
>> is doubtful we would see a code donation, but could pull it in as
>> third-party code to get started.
>> Please let me know your thoughts, as we would like to get this bootstrapped
>> this month, as the Geronimo community is starting to put together our plans
>> for a Geronimo 3.0 release in 2010 for a Java EE 6 application server.
>> -Donald Woods
>> Apache Geronimo Committer and PMC member
>> Apache OpenJPA Committer and PMC member
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4]
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> Thanks
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