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From David Jencks <>
Subject Proposed tranql svn reorganization
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 20:41:38 GMT
I've been irked for a while with the tranql svn organization and just  
bit myself by not being careful enough to check the extent of the  
changes IDEA made.  I'd like to reorganize svn to make life clearer  
and simpler.

1. There are basically 2 projects, the query language itself which is  
not really under active development at the moment, and the j2ca  
connector framework which occasionally gets tweaked.  I'd like to  
separate them.

2. We have a lot of foo/bar/trunk type directories.  Our experience in  
the geronimo specs projects is that maven 2 has no problem with  
separately versioned subprojects all under trunk.

So, I'd like to propose



Under ra/trunk we'd have connector, connector-ra, and the individual  
vendor directories such as derby, oracle, etc.

Thoughts?  In particular does anyone think moving the existing tags  
will cause problems?

david jencks

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