Congratulations!  While webservices are not my specialty I'm very glad to have the functionality you wrote available in geronimo and I enjoyed working with you.  I do hope you will be able to keep contributing!

david jencks

On Aug 25, 2009, at 2:14 AM, rahul.soa wrote:

Hello everyone,


I have sucessfully passed in my Google Summer Of Code project "WS-Security support for JAX-WS Web Services" with Apache Geronimo. I am very happy today and I want to thank everyone who helped me. I really liked Apache Geronimo community, its full of brilliant and helping people. Everyone helped in my minor/major issues I encountered while working on this project.


A big thanks to all the community members, I loved working with you and am hoping to continue my work with geronimo with a very short break. Thank to David Jenck for his support while Jarek was on holidays and his exact replies all the time during the project. Thank to Shawn Jiang for his suggestion on Maven problem.


Thanks to cxf people who replied my mails and gave their valuable suggestions. Daniel Kulp is one of them, thanks Dan.


A special thanks to my mentor Jarek Gawor, who really helped me a lot even in his vacation period. His guidance was so precious and he explained geronimo internals and project goal(s) and lot of technical stuff in a good way i.e. he came to my level and taught me lot of things not only in Geronimo but also in other areas such as web services, cxf, maven, svn and other concepts. I want to say that he is one of the best mentors I ever got. It was not that possible without Jarek's guidance. Hugs for him!!!


Again thanks to everyone, passing official result in the morning made my day. I will stick around the community and will hope to contribute more.


Best Regards,