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From David Jencks <>
Subject Automated builds >> snapshots?
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 00:22:44 GMT
IIUC right now the only time the deployed snapshots are updated is  
when someone decides to run mvn clean deploy by hand.  In other words,  
almost never.

I think it would be a good idea if we got something set up to  
automatically push snapshots.  I'm more concerned with being up to  
date than with only deploying working snapshots.

Here are some possibliities:

1. There's an apache build setup using Hudson.  Since the build is  
pretty time consuming I'd suggest that we consider running mvn clean  
deploy -Dtest=false -Papache-release on these resources.  One big  
advantage here would be that we don't have to do much to set this up.

2. We have a couple of pretty high end servers for the tck.  Maybe we  
could set up a periodic build on one of these.

3. We could run it on  I'm not sure if  
these are the same machines as (1).

4 We might be able to run it on one of the machines Jarek uses for the  
automated builds.  (???)

I guess I could also run it on one of the antiquated machines in my  
basement.  I don't have good upload speed so this might take a really  
really long time per build.

Other possibilities?

what to build and when to push

Ideally I guess we'd verify that all the tests pass and then if they  
do push snapshots.  Using Hudson this could be tricky.  Hudson has a  
feature where it can push snapshots after a successful build.  However  
these won't end up being timestamped.  My impression is that this will  
shortly be unacceptable in the apache nexus repo.  So if we use Hudson  
we'd either have to come up with a scheme whereby after a successful  
build we immediately rebuild with mvn deploy -Dtest=false.  Or, we can  
just figure that whatever builds, we push.

Unless it turns out to create too much strain on infra, I'd like to  
build with -Papache-release which checks more of our release process  
and generates nice source and javadoc jars as well as a full  

thoughts?  Volunteers?

david jencks

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