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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: A dependency in the geronimo-tomcat6 pom.xml
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 06:55:20 GMT

On Aug 25, 2009, at 11:28 PM, Ivan wrote:

> Hi, I found a dependency in the pom.xml file of the geronimo-tomcat6
> <dependency>
>             <groupId>org.apache.geronimo.plugins</groupId>
>             <artifactId>clustering</artifactId>
>             <version>${version}</version>
>             <type>pom</type>
>             <scope>import</scope>
>         </dependency>
> Due to this dependency (Not quite sure :-)), in the binary build, we  
> have a pom file in the repository/org/apache/geronimo/plugins/ 
> clustering folder, and sometimes, I got a Zip related exception.
> I wonder that shall we change the type to car ? Or ...

we don't want to change the type to car, since it isn't a car :-)

We need to update the code that turns maven dependencies into geronimo  
dependencies so it leaves  out any pom dependencies.  The only way a  
pom dependency can mean anything is if it has scope import, and this  
is pretty new maven feature.  I could be wrong but I don't think  
leaving these out will cause any problems.  I think the relevant code  
is in AbstractCarMojo.

thanks for noticing this problem !

david jencks

> Thanks !
> -- 
> Ivan

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