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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Automated builds >> snapshots?
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 00:38:39 GMT
Seems that #4 would be the quickest, since we're already running daily 
#2 would seem to be the next logical choice, since we have to run a 
server build before the TCK.

As far as how often, I'd really prefer that we not push a build every 
day, as it makes it hard to build a server using only your local 
artifacts (since maven will check snapshots.)  Maybe deploying updated 
snapshot artifacts every weekend (as long as the junits pass, but 
testsuite doesn't matter) would be a good start.


David Jencks wrote:
> IIUC right now the only time the deployed snapshots are updated is when 
> someone decides to run mvn clean deploy by hand.  In other words, almost 
> never.
> I think it would be a good idea if we got something set up to 
> automatically push snapshots.  I'm more concerned with being up to date 
> than with only deploying working snapshots.
> Here are some possibliities:
> 1. There's an apache build setup using Hudson.  Since the build is 
> pretty time consuming I'd suggest that we consider running mvn clean 
> deploy -Dtest=false -Papache-release on these resources.  One big 
> advantage here would be that we don't have to do much to set this up.
> 2. We have a couple of pretty high end servers for the tck.  Maybe we 
> could set up a periodic build on one of these.
> 3. We could run it on  I'm not sure if these 
> are the same machines as (1).
> 4 We might be able to run it on one of the machines Jarek uses for the 
> automated builds.  (???)
> I guess I could also run it on one of the antiquated machines in my 
> basement.  I don't have good upload speed so this might take a really 
> really long time per build.
> Other possibilities?
> -----------------
> what to build and when to push
> Ideally I guess we'd verify that all the tests pass and then if they do 
> push snapshots.  Using Hudson this could be tricky.  Hudson has a 
> feature where it can push snapshots after a successful build.  However 
> these won't end up being timestamped.  My impression is that this will 
> shortly be unacceptable in the apache nexus repo.  So if we use Hudson 
> we'd either have to come up with a scheme whereby after a successful 
> build we immediately rebuild with mvn deploy -Dtest=false.  Or, we can 
> just figure that whatever builds, we push.
> Unless it turns out to create too much strain on infra, I'd like to 
> build with -Papache-release which checks more of our release process and 
> generates nice source and javadoc jars as well as a full distribution.
> thoughts?  Volunteers?
> thanks
> david jencks

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