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From Ivan <>
Subject Disable Tomcat JNDI
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 06:30:10 GMT
   I found some configurations like
        <!-- Editable user database that can also be used by
             UserDatabaseRealm to authenticate users
        <Resource name="UserDatabase" auth="Container"
                  description="User database that can be updated and saved"

  in the var/catalina/server.xml file, since we use xbean-naming as our JNDI
implementation, we should disable Tomcat's own JNDI. While disabling
Tomcat's JNDI, we should not allow the users to define those settings in the
server.xml. I think, we need to remove GlbalNamingResources fragment from
the server.xml and add some comments, which tell the user never define those
resources in the server.xml.
Any comment ?


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