agree,  the new 1.3.0 also brings some code change to other portlets(see, in any case, we need to learn it.
I'd like to look into it further.


2009/7/15 Kevan Miller <>

On Jul 15, 2009, at 3:50 AM, David Jencks wrote:

Jay -- many thanks for trying out the patch and committing it.

I think the last artifact in our svn repo is the dojo 0.4.3.  I can't find it released anywhere but the source code is in a handy svn repo.  I cooked up a modification of our war-packaging for it that uses the maven scm plugin to check out the source so it can be packaged easily.  I wonder if someone could try this out and see if it works?

There is one other alternative -- and that's rewriting the admin console debug views, so that they aren't reliant on 0.4.3. If there's someone familiar with Dojo or is interested in learning about Dojo, this would be a good project. It would be nice to get rid of 0.4.3, altogether...