I think you can configure just about everything through the gbeans.  Reading a second web.xml file for every web app would be a very large change to the deployer and is not something we can consider for 2.2.

I think you can configure the jsp debug in the default jsp servlet gbean in the deployer plan.

david jencks

On Jul 26, 2009, at 7:40 PM, Ivan wrote:

So far, I did not see a way to do it. Or I missed it ?
I suggest that we could keep a default web configuration file in that folder, like what we did with Tomcat, and then add it while building the JettyWebAppContext, so that the users could easily change some default settings, such as JSP debug.

2009/7/27 Delos <daition@gmail.com>

Since Jetty has lots of configurable option, suppose they're also configurable in geronimo jetty distribution. For tomcat, there is <GERONIMO_HOME>/var/catalina containing the Tomcat configuration file, but for jetty distribution,  <GERONIMO_HOME>/var/jetty is an empty directory.  Could anyone tell how to configure Jetty in Geronimo? Seems no document or article can be found about this.

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