On Jul 16, 2009, at 2:25 AM, Lu Zhongda wrote:

    As I know, geronimo only supports web cluster with WADI by now.
    EJB cluster and JMS cluster are not supported yet.

I believe jms clustering is done through activemq. At least in 2.2-SNAPSHOT you can configure activemq with the standard amq xml configuration so anything amq supports can be run inside geronimo.  I don't recall when we added this feature, it might be in 2.1.x also.

We also have stateful ejb replication through wadi in at least 2.2.  I don't think this includes ejb client failover for stateful session beans.
We also have ejb client failover using a cluster whose membership is maintained through multicast in 2.2.  This is separate from the wadi replication support.

We could probably use better docs and samples for this stuff :-)

david jencks

    Is my information correct?
    If it was true, any plans to support these features.
    Any information about this is appreciated.
Best Regards.
Michael Lu