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From Delos <>
Subject Re: GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575 Discussion
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 02:03:14 GMT
Thanks very much for your analysis, Tim!

I strongly agree with you to present Exception to the user in an intuitive

Here are some of my thoughts

   1. Present exception or failure to user with eclipse error dialog
      - try to throw CoreException with IStatus object containing
      information about the error, this will be captured by eclipse
and cause an
      error dialog in eclipse
      - If CoreException can't be thrown (eg. due to method signature of
      WTP) and operation is in a Job with a monitor,  a RuntimeException can be
      thrown containing an error message. It will also cause an error dialog in
      - If operation is not in a Job with a monitor, throwing
      RuntimeException may not be captured by eclipse, so maybe no error dialog
      show. In this case, I think GEP code need to pop up a error
dialog itself,
      without resorting to eclipse.
      2. Meanwhile, log the exception or failure in plug-in log with Trace

Any comments or suggestions? Please feel free to tell us.


2009/7/23 Tim McConnell <>

> Hi, I've spent a little time looking into this problem (i.e.,
> GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575) a bit more thoroughly so that I can fully understand
> what error scenarios need to be considered for inclusion in this JIRA. Delos
> has done a good job with his current patch as it covers many of the obvious
> error scenarios like "Start, Stop, Restart server", "Set , Reset, Remove
> Project runtime Target", "Publish, Republish, Remove module". However, there
> are other permutations and error scenarios that I think we should strive to
> handle as well. For example, there are at least two possible permutations
> for each of the above scenarios that should be accounted for:
>        1.  Failure/Exception on the GEP side
>        2.  Failure/Exception on the WTP side
> Also, there are other scenarios that entail interactions with WTP that I
> think should be addressed since they have caused considerable  user
> confusion in the past when failures occur. For example (again considering
> failures on both GEP and WTP sides):
>        -- Failure/Exception when connecting to the server
>        -- Failure/Exception when invoking the "Run on Server" wizard
> instead of using the Add/Remove wizard
>        -- Failure/Exception when logging in to the server from the GEP
>        -- Probably many others that escape me now
> I guess what I'm really suggesting is that we need a consistent
> implementation throughout the GEP when interactions with WTP are involved so
> that Failures/Exceptions are presented to the user in an intuitive manner
> (e.g., an Error Dialog and/or Eclipse log messages). Unfortunately this is
> not the case today, but Delos has certainly started down the right track to
> mitigate many of these GEP usability problems. Thoughts ??
> --
> Thanks,
> Tim McConnell

Best Regards,


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