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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] ApacheCon '09 Geronimo Track: Content
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 05:49:28 GMT
Looking at these proposals, my thoughts are pulled towards where is  
Geronimo going? Even though, we're busy finalizing a 2.2 release, I'd  
like to see a good portion of our session focused on where we're  
taking Geronimo. Hopefully, we'd already have a lot of actual  
implementation to discuss by November.

So, looking towards a Geronimo of the future, I think of Blueprint,  
OSGi and EE6. That would leave me with the following talks. I might  
even ask if we can adjust the talks, slightly,  to help with the  
overall theme.

* Blueprint Container Specification and Geronimo
* Custom Server Assemblies (include a good overview of Geronimo and  
* JPA 2.0 Specification (also include a general EE 6 outlook?)

Apologies if I'm playing editor too much. Feel free to whack my hands  
with a ruler...

I think your topics are great and relevant. I know that some are  
proposed for the general sessions. I'd certainly love to see one or  
more, there... They just aren't in-sync with where my thoughts are  
running for the Geronimo track.


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