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From David Jencks <>
Subject Finishing up tomcat server.xml configuration work...
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 00:50:01 GMT
IMO our way of configuring the tomcat server using server.xml is  
working fine and the main remaining bits are really documentation.   
Since I am terrible at documentation I hope others will take it upon  
themselves to help with it :-)

I'd like to see

-- a list of stuff that doesn't work in geronimo.  My recollection is  
that the main things that don't work are configuring jndi (such as  
deploying datasources) and realms (this might actually work, I'm not  

-- at least one sample of how to use it.  I think a good starting  
point would the the app-per-port sample that shows how to have 2 web  
apps each exposed on a different port.  This requires setting up 2  
entire tomcat servers and I think would be a nice example of the  
simplicity of the server.xml configuration compared with the gbeans we  
used up till now.  I think I'd consider deploying the server.xml in a  
plugin that completely replaces the existing tomcat plugin.


many thanks
david jencks

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