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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Apache Con US '09 Geronimo Track
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 21:53:01 GMT
There will be a Geronimo Track at ApacheCon US '09. We will be sharing  
a full day with the Directory Project. This means that we'll have 2 to  
3 50 minute time slots. We have some flexibility on how we format  
these time slots. So, IIUC, we can sub-divide these time slots, if we  

I've put together the following proposed Track Description. Comments  
much appreciated. I'd like to settle on the track description quickly,  
if possible. And hope we can start discussing talk proposals and track  
formats, real soon.


Apache Geronimo is a lightweight, flexible, component-based server for  
building dynamic application server environments. Geronimo plugins can  
be assembled into a fully compliant Java EE Server. However, it can be  
easily assembled into a server providing a subset of functionality or  
a minimal subset required to meet the requirements of a set of  
applications. In addition to the Apache Geronimo Server, the Geronimo  
project is also comprised of a number of subprojects: Development  
Tools, XBean, Yoko, GShell, Specs, etc.

Potential topics for the Geronimo Track include, but are in no way  
limited to:
    * Geronimo architecture,
    * Systems management,
    * Application development and user experiences,
    * OSGi Blueprint,
    * Kernel restructuring,
    * Java EE 6,
    * etc.


Please let me know your thoughts on the above. Also, please start  
thinking about potential talks. However, please don't start making  
specific talk proposals, yet.

Finally, we will need to discuss our selection process for talk  
proposals. I would prefer that we reach our talk decisions on our  
public mailing list, rather than our private@ mailing list. This could  
be a bit sensitive, however. So, I would appreciate your thoughts. If  
we're concerned about potential harm this might cause, it's possible  
that some sort of anonymous vote could be held.


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