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From George Frink <>
Subject Re: Netbeans plugin
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 16:36:33 GMT
That's exactly what I needed.
I expect to walk through that process for the first time after  
unpacking from the 4th of July holiday.

Until then, happy holiday,

George Frink
phone: 919.341.2999

On Jul 3, 2009, at 8:25 AM, Kevan Miller wrote:

> On Jul 3, 2009, at 5:29 AM, George Frink wrote:
>> We needed a fully functional Netbeans plugin for an ongoing project.
>> As a result, I've adapted the Netbeans plugin to Netbeans 6.7 and  
>> am adding functionality/testing apace.
>> It strikes me as too much code to gracefully list in an email.
>> Thoughts?
> Hi George,
> That sounds great.
> So, the process, for dealing with source code, is to attach the  
> code (normally a 'svn diff' generated patch file, but could be  
> a .zip) and attach the file to a Jira -- see https:// 
> You'd need to:
> 1) create a Jira login
> 2) create a Geronimo Jira issue (project: geronimo-devtools, type:  
> improvement). Don't worry about details like components/versions/ 
> fix versions, but do describe what you'd like to contribute in  
> summary and description fields
> 3) attach a patch file/zip file to the Jira. While viewing the  
> Jira, "Attach file" is an operation that you can perform. When you  
> attach the file, make sure the "Grant license to ASF for inclusion  
> in ASF works" radio button is checked.
> Depending on the size of your contribution, we may also decide to  
> ask for a code grant. Nothing major, just a single form. See,  
> --kevan

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