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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject [Discuss] ApacheCon '09 Geronimo Track: Content
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 05:38:40 GMT
I had an IRC chat with Emmanuel Lecharny from Apache Directory. We  
decided that Geronimo would use the 3 afternoon talks and Directory  
will hold the two morning talks.

IIUC, this means we'll have the following time slots:

2:30-3:20     Session 1
3:20-4:00     Break
4:00-4:50     Session 2
5:00-5:50     Session 3

I think the first few minutes of Session 1 will be used as an  
introduction and preview of the track. Since a Break follows Session  
1, we could easily run 10 minutes over, without causing tremendous  
hardship to anyone. So, we should have room for 3 full sessions.

That leaves the hard task of choosing. I have my thoughts and will  
follow up on this email thread...

Proposals are:

Blueprint Container Specification and Geornimo -- Jarek
Geronimo Custom Server Assemblies -- David J
JPA 2.0 Specification and Geronimo -- Donald
Administering Apache Geronimo 2.x -- Vamsi
Securing Java EE 5.0 Applications with Apache Geronimo -- Vamsi
Load Balancing and high-availability with Geronimo clusters -- Vamsi


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