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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] ApacheCon '09 Geronimo Track: Content
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:45:52 GMT
This sounds like a good mix to me.

And, even though the agenda for #1 doesn't 'officially' include all of
the new features in 2.2 - that doesn't mean that questions couldn't be
taken and answered later.  If we ran through a list of the new features
at the beginning of the session, then that could pique peoples interest
to follow up later.


Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Jul 22, 2009, at 6:58 PM, David Jencks wrote:
>> I think this is a good division of topics.
>> I wonder if it would be more interesting to cover the various
>> clustering stuff we have in 2.2 rather than the security stuff.  I've
>> talked about security a couple of times before and it has a little bit
>> of documentation but I don't think anyone has ever pulled together all
>> the clustering stuff...
>> wadi jetty/tomcat/ejb
>> ejb client failover
>> farm management
>> how to set up a web load balancer.
> I'm good with that.
> ************************************************************************************
> Session 1: Apache Geronimo 2.2
> Speakers: David Jencks and Vamsavardhana Reddy Chillakuru
> This talk will provide an overview of the Geronimo 2.2 release. Along
> with providing an overview of the new features found in 2.2, the talk
> will also discuss Geronimo Custom Assemblies and Application Security.
> Geronimo makes it easy to assemble a custom server around your
> applications, including only those features needed to run your apps.
> We'll see how to use maven to integrate this into your build process.
> This session will also discuss the clustering options available with
> Geronimo and configuring load-balancing and failover of web applications
> using mod_jk & Apache HTTP Server. After completing this session, the
> audience will be familiar with the clustering and farming features
> provided by Geronimo, running multiple instances of Geronimo server from
> the same installation, preparing their applications for deployment on
> the cluster and know how to configure Geronimo clusters to suit their
> needs.
> ************************************************************************************
> Session 2: OSGi Blueprint Container Specification and Geronimo
> Speaker: Jarek Gawor
> This talk will provide a general overview of the Blueprint Container
> Specification and demonstrate some of its core features using Geronimo's
> Blueprint Container implementation. The talk will also describe some
> more advanced features of the Geronimo implementation such as
> Configuration Admin Service support and custom namespace handlers.
> Future plans will be discussed as well as how the Blueprint Container
> might be used and integrated within the existing Geronimo Kernel.
> ************************************************************************************
> Session 3: Apache Geronimo 3.0: OSGi and Java EE6
> Speakers: David Jencks and Donald Woods
> This talk will provide a preview of the new features in Apache Geronimo
> 3.0. Including the OSGi support with the Geronimo kernel. We'll also
> discuss the new Java EE 6 features: Web Profiles, JPA 2.0, Servlet 3.0,
> EJB 3.1, etc. We'll also include demonstration of current functionality
> and discuss development outlook.
> ************************************************************************************
> --kevan

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